Hammer CPUs Pricing & Info

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    Hammer CPUs Pricing & Info

    Hammer CPUs Pricing & Info

    - Opteron name is for Server and Workstation level products and ClawHammer will be a variant of the Athlon name. There will be a ClawHammer based Opteron. The split comes at the single vs dual/MP processors.

    -There will will be a demo tomorrow of a dual opteron system at the shareholders meeting. It will be running a dev version of XP server, currently unnamed. It will connect to a sledge running XP 32 bit.

    - The biggest benefit to the Hammers would be that it allows clients to move to 64-bit at their leisure, not on any set timetable.

    - No performance penalty for 32 bit code but a bump up when you go to 64 bit.

    - MS is doing the development of Win64 not AMD

    - Immediate impact of x86-64 will be in servers but even home users will benefit in the near future

    - Duron dies in 2003 because .13 allows larger caches to be on low end chips

    - Will have SSE2 and MMX2?

    - ClawHammer single processor shipments in Q4 (October 28?) and Opteron in H1 '03

    - ClawHammer CPUs costing $400 and mobos around the high $200 mark as an initial thrust into the marketplace.

    - The reference boards and CPUs are already with the partners, it appears, with Clawhammers running at full, rather than half speed.

    - Barton will be the "Duron" and the "Clawhammer" is the XP branded chip.

    - AMD will produce 2 mobos with a Gigabyte branding and SIS, Nvidia and Via might be ready for action in the first quarter of next year but perhaps as early as January 2003

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