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    عضو نشيط
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    Feb 2003

    MSN messnger Only

    salam shabab, i have a problem when I installed MSN6.0...I got this msg: It appears that u r behind a fire wall that does not allow a direct connection 2 internet,we tried 2 sign in through HTTP proxy but ur onternet proxy settings either missing or incorrect!

    Any way, i dont have firewall on my PC and I checked the EmiratesInternet proxy settings and its correct....
    I still cant use the MSN.....
    Help me please and thanx

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    عضو نشيط جدا
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Oct 2003

    go to the option of the messenger ,, then click on connection u will find that there is a socks proxy .. remove it then it will work

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