DK - My First CD-ROM Toddler for Children 2010 | 249 MB

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في اللغه الانكليزيه

This CD contains hours of fun and learning for toddlers by Dorling Kindersley (DK).Six activities add up to fun and learning for kids 1-3. Parents can choose levels and change mouse options to fit their child.Pop and Peek is an exciting game where toddlers pop balloons, either with the mouse or space bar, to find a hidden surprise. Children love this game and it can build early counting, object recognition and vocabulary skills.
In Pick a Sticker and Pairs and Partners, toddlers enhance memory and matching skills. They learn about pairs like shoes and partners like hammer and nail. Children also match objects with the correct shape stimulating visual discrimination skills.
Children love animals and in Whos There toddlers guess which animal is hiding behind a door by listening to the sounds.

Picture Show introduces toddlers to new words and pictures and Song and Dance has their favorite nursery rhymes to sing along.

If you are familiar with the Dorling Kindersley (DK) books then you know these graphics are incredible. Real pictures pop off the page holding the interest of even small children. Screens are simple so toddlers are not overwhelmed or confused.

Along with the activities on the computer there are printable worksheets for enhance skills away from the computer. Parents can check childrens progress and set levels to ensure their child is getting the most out of the activities. The parents guide also contains a developmental guide which shows which activities can enhance certain developmental areas.

This type of software is commonly referred to as lapware because parents and children work and play together.

you have to burn the file to cd and insert the cd again and play it..
mount the file and play it.