Universal Share Downloader full updated
Allows an automated download from file sharing sites. Currently, the program can download from more than 20 sites with the use of plug-ins. Sample plug-in (plg file) is located in MyTempDir.src.zip (language Delphi).
This program can be so named RapidShare downloader, MyTempDir downloader and other words. But in Russian - this is universal rocker from the sites, which make it possible to place files to themselves. It is no secret that the part of these sites give to rock only 1 by flow, and 1 file at once. Plus part still is a pause into chas/dva before the gallop of the following file. To remember that skachal that no - is complicated. And to economize when it is possible to rock on the hours, but when no. For those, who want simply to drive in references, to leave computer and to be confident that program in time all it skachayet, and not minute will pass in vain and is written this program. Program will recognize the part of the shielding codes, which helps to valuably use services including blind people.
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